The Department of Computer Science presents

DCS Industry Day

Learn about the industry, ask your questions,
and hear real experiences from professionals from industry-leading companies.

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DCS Industry Day is a day where we bring the industry professionals to you.

We're bringing in developers, data scientists, product managers, recruiters and other leading professionals from the industry to help you find a job, internship, and network.

We're planning the event and will release more details closer to March 8th, 2021. Register your interest above and we'll email you when the schedule is released.


March 8 2021


David Jorjani avatar

David Jorjani

Director of Product
Sessional Lecturer CSC301

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Julian Nadeau avatar

Julian Nadeau

Senior Software Developer
Sessional Lecturer CSC491/2600

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What is the purpose of this day?

We hope to connect students to industry folks to network, find jobs, find internships, and learn a bit about how the industry actually works.

Who can attend?

Anyone who has a account can attend, though the day is focused on students in the Department of Computer Science.

Will the sessions be recorded?

We are still figuring out whether or not we can record some of the sessions.

Some speakers cannot allow the sessions to be recorded, however, due to their employer's policy.

How can I register for individual sessions?

We haven't released registration per event-session yet.

For now, please regsiter your interest here.

Can I report someone that is behaving unprofessionally or harassing people?

Yes. We have a Code of Conduct that people must follow.

Please message either of the organizers on Slack or email us. Your report will remain anonymous outside of the organizers.

Where can I ask questions?

Please join us on Slack, listed on the I'm Interested page.

I'm in the industry, can I present?

As we approach March 8th, it will be harder to get people signed up to a session.

That said, we are open to new talks. You can email Julian at julian.nadeau[at] with details!.