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Real-time physics simulations, performance, and open research problems

2 pm - 3 pm

CM Labs builds real-time applications in one of the most challenging spaces in physics simulation -- at the intersection of speedy, stiff, and stable!

This is reflected not only in our training simulators, which accurately model the dynamical behavior of heavy vehicles such as cranes and excavators, but also many other engineering simulations ranging from robotics control to system verification.

To meet these demands, we develop an optimized physics engine called Vortex with support for cables, vehicles, and earthmoving.

I will give an overview of the engine and discuss some techniques we use to ensure real-time performance and mention some related open research problems.

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Mohammad Mohajerani

Development Manager, Professional Services at CM Labs Simulations

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Marek Teichmann

CTO at CM Labs Simulations

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